Resolve the Air Leak in Your Facility

Choose us for industrial air leak detection services in Crawfordsville or Lebanon, IN

Your manufacturing plant is always humming with activity. Potential hazards, profit losses and other issues are things you're always keenly aware of. If you have a gas leak in your facility, you could lose money while putting your plant at risk. Crossroads Energy Solutions LLC offers ultrasonic compressed air leak detection, thermal imaging and acoustic imaging services in Crawfordsville & Lebanon, IN. We'll come in to give you a free estimation of your energy loss and identify your leak.

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What kind of facilities do we test?

Every air leak auditing service starts with an in-person examination and estimation of the customer's property. We can examine properties like:

  • Industrial facilities
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Commercial buildings

Our expert can identify a variety of gas leaks, including nitrogen, ammonia, natural gas and propane. For acoustic imaging, he can perform a full audit while your production line is operating at noise levels of up to 150 dB, so you don't have to shut down your facility for the day. Our equipment can also detect leaks up to 75 feet away. Contact us today for more information on our industrial air leak detection services.

Why do you need leak detection services?

Leaks are serious issues that you can't ignore. If you have a leak on your property, you're putting yourself and your employees at risk. An air or gas leak can:

  • Cost you money
  • Create safety hazards
  • Lead to serious health concerns

Not only will you be losing money because of your loss of natural gas or propane, but you'll also be breathing in potentially hazardous quantities of these gases. If you need air leak auditing services, reach out to us now.